No more incomprehensible “Internal Server Error” and the likes of it

The API gateway of AWS is a wonderful piece of software to write serverless.. everything. In my case, it’s mostly REST-like APIs using lambda function in the backend, but this guide is agnostic of the output type.

When setting up and working with an API gateway, you will without a doubt end up with “Internal server errors” left and right. These errors can be extremely annoying and time consuming to debug. By default, the gateway doesn’t have logging enabled. …

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Batteries are one of the single most important devices in today’s world. They are used in pretty much any portable electronic device: phones, cars, toys, and even satellites. As a consequence, they present several fundamental challenges that need to be surpassed for society to become sustainable.

One important issue slowing down the motion toward a less fossil dependent society is that renewable energy sources do not, for the majority, provide a constant flux of electricity: solar is available only during the sunny days (sorry U.K.), wind turbines need, well, wind, and so on. …

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AI you say? Please tell me more

You may have just come out of university, from computer science, engineering, or some other related field, or you may have been working toward changing your career path. However you got here, the important part is that you are now looking at getting a job in data science.

The data scientist job is one of the most looked after. It has benefited from glamorous headlines such as “The sexiest job the 21st century”, and since their conception their number has kept on growing and growing. …

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An explanation of bitcoin addresses, wallets, and transactions scripts.

This article is part of a series detailing the inner workings of bitcoins. Find the introduction here, and the basic introduction to bitcoin transaction here.

As we’ve seen in the basic introduction to bitcoin transaction, bitcoins only exist as an amount associated to an address, and one owns an address if he’s able to prove to the network he owns the associated private key. Under their initially pretty simple appearance, very similar to that of a bank account number, lies a number of complex phenomena. …

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One of the most frustrating situation I often encountered as a student and hobbyist in artificial intelligence, was the lack of possible testing grounds. Often times, I would find myself with friends, all excited about some new super cool tensorflow feature, a new algorithm, or simply a new idea, and the biggest obstacle would be the lack of interesting or adapted environments to test in. …

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.. and the bizarre consequences they engender

This article is part of a series detailing the inner workings of bitcoins. Find the introduction here.

Bitcoins are, as every currency since the dawn of money, meant to be a tool of exchange, of transaction between people or entities. However, whereas transactions in most modern currencies are quite straight forward (especially those in cash) bitcoins are a lot more complex. There is no physical bank note, nor a central entrusted entity which holds your wealth and acts as middle man. In bitcoins, all the transactions are entirely public, and you, with any average computer, can join in and be…

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Chapter I: Introduction

If you’re anything like me, your interest was also caught in the bitcoin hype, and you’ve probably read dozen of these type of articles, with catchy titles suggesting you’ll understand how bitcoins work, and which more often than not end up using the same metaphors, the same vague statement, and leaving you more confused than you were before.

I have found even the self-proclaimed technical posts rarely went into anything more than basic parables to explain the concepts. Don’t get me wrong, metaphors and simplifications are an important part of any vulgarisation, but the key to a good example is…

Peele using DeepFake to forge a video of Obama — Source: BuzzFeed, YouTube

Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) have recently risen in popularity through the display of some of their capabilities, initially by imitating famous painters’ art styles, but more recently through DeepFake, which allows to seamlessly replace facial expression in videos, while keeping a high output quality.

Source: BuzzFeed, YouTube

One of the pillars of GANs is the use of auto-encoders. An auto-encoder is a neural network with two properties: the input and output data are the same, and the network includes a layer of lower dimension than the input. At first, this might sound confusing and useless, but by training the network…

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